brutal deluxe-gaming-collectables-store

Brutal Deluxe is the jewel in Toowoomba's crown.  Founded May 2013, Brutal Deluxe quickly became the toast of the town offering excellent service and low prices across it's specialised range of video games, board games, comics, figurines and pop culture merchandise.  Proudly owned and operated by Toowoomba local Luke McCullagh.

Scholars maintain the true and original story of how Brutal Deluxe was born was lost, however, legend speaks whispers of a time when the lands that were ravaged with corruption and madness ruled.  Two young warrior brothers fought battles that raged throughout the streets, when the smoke cleared Brutal Deluxe had risen from the ashes like a phoenix and ushered in an age of hope and prosperity for all the lands.  The lands have since passed to another whom vowed to carry on the legacy of the brothers before him.


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