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Video Games: Take a Break From Mundane Slavery of Real World

Games are interactive electronic media take you the world of entertainment and education. Video games are often frowned that it is a time waster or create violence but a lot of studies proves video games actually develop high-level thinking skills and helps in growing brain structure just like other learning activities.

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What makes PS4 the best Gaming Console?

The PlayStation 4 abbreviated as PS4, is a home video game console by Sony Computer Entertainment which offers everything at one place whether it is gaming adventure or entertainment by unmatched media features. PlayStation 4 has revolutionized the gaming industry. From the hottest gaming features, unforgettable experiences to letting your friends join your play even if they don’t own the game, life is simply better with PS4.It is the world’s best console and with 50% higher graphics cores, and a higher peak shader throughput.


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Play station comes in series PS, PS2, PS3 and the most recent PS4. PS is the first hand held video gaming console and PS2 is the sixth generation, the best selling gaming console with the slim line model, marketed as a gaming console, music player, and DVD player the PlayStation 2 soon made its way into bedrooms and living rooms across the country due to its versatility. The PlayStation 3 allows playback of Blu-ray movies, raising the status of device from a mere gaming console to an integral part of any home theater setup.

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